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can i get off this ride?

i guess i wasn't clear in my last entry...i no longer have PMS...when i was 34 i had a complete hysterectomy, including uterus, tubes, cervix and both ovaries. so i hit surgical menopause at 34. damn hot flashes started quickly too~ *smile*

but when i did have severe pms and got so depressed it would always lessen when the bleeding started...so sometimes i still feel that need to make my blood flow. it's so hard to explain so it doesn't sound like i'm some silly little teenybopper cutter.

i've cut since i was 14 and it's been close to a year since i've cut now. yay me! but the urge is growing and it's getting more difficult to sidestep it. so a call to the doc regarding new meds neeeds to happen.

i hurt today so MUCH. ugh, it's hard to focus on tv, or internet or get anything done around here when the pain is THIS bad. *sighs*

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