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time for book reviews again!

time for another book review entry:

"The Reading Group" by Elizabeth Noble
i really enjoyed this novel about a women's book club in england. the characters are completely believable and you'll find yourself cheering and crying with them as they deal with their complicated lives. the book club becomes a place where they can share and express their views on life through the books they read. a truly pleasurable and delightful book about the friendship of women and how that friendship transforms their lives.

"The Thing about Jane Spring" by Sharon Krum
if you like the old doris day movies you'll love this book! it's quirky and funny just like its heroine jane spring. she's a tough as nails attorney who scares off all the men in her life due to her military style of running her life. one lonely night she watches a marathon of doris day movies and decides that she will transfrom herself into doris day. it's a riot as everyone in her life is awestruck at her transformation. as a modern woman i should have hated this book about a woman who decides to turn herself into someone else to try to find a husband...but i found that i was rooting for her as she sought to find a balance in her life. it's a modern day fairytale!.

"Just Between Us" by Cathy Kelly
what a wonderful book about a woman and her three daughters in ireland. everyone thinks that rose miller has the perfect life as do her three beautiful grown daughters. but there are secrets in each of their lives that are all about to come to the surface as they prepare for rose and hugh's 40th anniversary celebration. you'll fall in love with all four of the miller women as they struggle to be honest with each other and themselves for the first time. the character development is wonderful and you'll find yourself missing these women when the book is done. a truly cozy comfy book that will keep you enthralled til the very end.

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