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the birds and the bees!

first dear readers please go and read LA-the-Sage's entry about the megalomaniac known as george bush: la-the-sage

i had just typed up a full entry and leaned across my laptop keyboard to reach for something...leaned my forearm on the keys and *poof* deleted the whole entry! hate when that happens!

in other news...it's another beautiful day in zenville...perfect weather, cool, breezy but with a warm sun and october blue skies! i'll probably spent a bit of time again on the front porch balcony watching my outside birdies communing in the trees and honeysuckle that over hange the porch railing.

we at the zenzoo have a new addition to our outside zoo! bumblebees! yep, cute furry yellow and black buzzers they are! i'd been noticing this giant bumblebee for the past few weeks that has built a home in the corner of the house off the front porch.

she was pretty aggresive at first...buzzing right by my head and around me as she would fly down to the ground to crawl into her house. but when she realized that i meant no threat she lately just flies right by me and down into her home.

then yesterday i noticed a tiny little bumblebee flitting around on the ground trying to awkwardly find his home. finally after buzzing back and forth and round about he eventually made his way to his door!

within the next little bit i noticed four more little bumbles bumble their way into the front door. my big bumblee has baby bumbles i realized. everyone all together now....awwwwww.

i went out this morning to feed my addictions...i.e. i picked up a carton of cigarettes from across the river where they are ten dollars cheaper a carton, and then to the grocery for nerd ropes which are on sale right now for .25 each! yes i have simple tastes! lol

the hubby mowed the lawn while i was gone and a lovely job he did! i used to love mowing when i was healthier...something so relaxing about the back and forth and instant reward of a nice yard when you are done. kind of why i like ironing. there is something rewarding about taking a crumpled up shirt from the basket and turning it into a fresh crisp neat one!

next week is mother's day and i am missing my mom and my daughter. em is staying at school for the weekend for some big dinner she had plans to attend. it's so hard letting them grow up and away like that! she's such an independent young woman and while i am so proud of her for this, i miss her loads!

i had thought about making the four hour drive to see my mommy but with the surgery scheduled for two days after mother's day the hubby didn't really want me traveling. so i'll send her a ginormous bouquet of flowers and talk to her for ages on the phone.

i got some bad news about my youngest brother, wes. he's having some pretty serious health problems. my poor little brother, i hate that he's dealing with this. it's called osteo-necrosis. basically he's had such a lack of blood flow to his hips that the bone is dying.

doctors aren't sure what has caused this or how badly the bone is damaged. worst case scenario would be a double hip replacement...he's only 35!! he has his MRI's this coming week and then sees the orthopaedic surgeon the day after my surgery so i'm praying that he gets good news.

if the damage is not too severe yet and they can stop the progression then he may just need some minor surgery to scrape away some of the dead bone. i'm not sure i totally understand all of it so forgive me any medical types out there if i'm describing this incorrectly.

but i'm worried about him. he's the baby of our family and is such a wonderful man and father. i hate for him to be in pain!

well i'm off to spend some time with the hubby. have a wonderful day dear readers!

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