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"are you looking at me?"

that's my thea-bella! she's my nanday baby! i just madly crazily love my fid!

our friend that came over tonight has a goffin's cockatoo. a sweet funny bird who looooves his daddy! whenever buster would leave the room the bird would cry like a baby! he hadn't been over for awhile so it took the fid a little bit of time to adjust to being here tonight.

but then he decided he was going to sit on the hubby's shoulder. the problem was his shoulder was already occupied by his amazon parrot, hawk. and hawk was not pleased at sharing his daddy with another fid! he gave him the evil eye, then opened his mouth wide and hissed! yes he hissed...i cracked up!

the not-so little goffin's backed right down and hightailed it off the hubby's shoulder running straight down his arm! guess we know who's boss!

he's the alpha male of our flock. and he and thea-bella have been together for over seven years. they share a large 6ft.x 4ft. cage. they are rarely caged...only when we aren't home because they're both well-behaved and aren't ones to run all over the room. they play on top of their cage and thea's favorite place is on her window perch above the big picture window in the aviary.

i call her my watch bird because she will watch out that window as long as you'll let her! and if anybody steps foot in our yard who she doesn't know she sure lets me know! i'll here S Q A W K~~ and i know she's seen a trespasser! lol

but hawk and thea sleep side by side on their sleeping perch every night....all snuggled close. it's adorable! thea goes to bed everynight between 7 and 8 o'clock. when she's tired she'll just start saying "night night" ... "night night". then she goes and stands on her cage door until i come over and give her bedtime kisses. she gives me huge smooches on my face and my nose...then when she's done she puts herself to bed!

hawk likes to stay up late with daddy watching tv and listening to music ... but as soon as thea sees hawk coming to bed she gets all excited and comes running out to greet her man!

the two greencheeks are from the same clutch. zoey and tucker are their names but we often just refer to them as "the littles" or "the littlebits". they are tiny green balls of comic energy! they share a 6ft X 6ft cage and must stay locked up much more than hawk and thea....for they are little explorers and can't be out for long periods of time unless i'm in the room.

one time i left them out on top of their cage playing and went to the kitchen. i wasn't gone too long but when i came back, i couldn't find them anywhere! i looked and looked...i was freaking out!!! finally i start calling them..."zoey, tucker where are you"?

all of a sudden i hear their little monkey cheep cheeps cheeps! i am looking all around trying to find out where their voices are coming from...it's silent again and i can't find them! so i call again...and again they answer cheeping. finally i look UP and there they are!

our house has 14ft. ceilings (it's an old house built in 1895) and since i hate white walls i have bright colorful quilts hanging up as wall hangings and somehow the littles had climbed up one of the quilts and were hiding behind it!

when they would hear me call, they'd pop their little heads up over the top of the quilt and cheep at me! it was the funniest thing ever! and one of the reasons they aren't allowed free reign! *grin*

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