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from purging to pretties...

gosh, what a whiner i was yesterday. but better to purge words on paper then food in toilet. gawd, when i think of how much time i spent with my face hanging where people shit, it just shows how i thought of myself. scary huh?

what kind of persons eats food, then hangs over a toilet with her hands shoved down her throat until her stomach contents spew into the toilet bowl, spattering her face and hair with vomit. me, okay! that was my life for many years...in between the periods of restricting and starving and exercising, i would revert back to bulimia during times of extreme stress. and i just feel like i need to talk about what it was really like.

the disgusting part of it, bloody throat, bloody fingers, vomit on face and in hair so that i stunk. my face swelled, the salivary glands the size of eggs under my chin as they attempted to hurriedly digest a tiny bit of food before i would force it all back out.

i need to remember that part of it! not the clothes getting smaller, the stomach shrinking and the bones emerging.......okay, stop that right now!!!

change of topic:
it's monday morning and i'm catching up on some diaryland diaries, i have several jewelry orders that need filled...how about the jewelry pic of the day?

instead of typing here and posting pix i need to make some more! i finished one last night using moss agate coin shaped beads with sterling and swarovski crystals. turned out pretty, if i do say so myself!

i'll pop on again later today, but i must go do some laundry and make some jewelry so i can make some money!

love and jewels ~zen
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