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happy beltane!

happy beltane!!

i should have worked on a ritual for tonight but i just don't feel in the right physical or emotional place tonight to do a ritual. i find that if i do rituals when i'm feeling crappy that something always goes wrong and i'm sorry i didn't wait. so i think i will work on writing something up this week and doing it this weekend. it's times like this that i miss my coven. i'm not a very disciplined solitary witch. i tend to just do things when i feel like it, not when it's an actual esbat or sabbat.

i'm just so meh! lately. so disorganized, so procrastinating...i seem to do better when i have a full time job. i seem to get more done!

on the positive side, i did get a beautiful piece of jewelry done today...tiger's eye, gold blown glass beads and swarovski crystals. i love the contrast of all the warm golden colors with the bright sterling silver. it turned out really well and i was happy with it. have to have the hubby to take a pic.

i finished a piece last night with mossy agates that i liked too...so my creativity is coming back and i am thrilled about that. i've just got to keep at it. i love seeing the completed pieces laying out on the jewelry table. i look at them from all angles and i'm pleased.

also on the positive side, i did six loads of laundry today AND i put them away. yay for me! still have more to do, but ugh, i'm about laundried out for the day. how do two people create so much laundry?

my evening plans include some funny cbs comedies....i'm loving "how i met your mother" and "two and a half men". then "the apprentice" and "medium"....a television filled night. yay! lol

i'm not so much feeling "the apprentice" this season tho, maybe it's getting old to me like "survivor" did...or maybe because no one this times stands out. i tend to fast forward through a lot of it to watch the boardroom scenes!

i shouldn't be sitting inside on beltane night watching television tho! i should be dancing around a beltane fire! maybe i will start looking for new study groups around here...that's usually the best way to find people with whom you click. i've learned to never just jump into a coven again without getting to know the people better first. and really a good coven wouldn't just invite me in without knowing me well and how much i've studied and how my energy and my personality would blend with the coven.

so again i digress...i believe i will go sit outside for a bit and just feel the green evening.

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