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possum, parties and pictures

hello my dearies! so far it has been a good weekend. friday night was spent reading and playing on the internet...a quiet evening, hubby was playing online games with friends so i just relaxed. read a lot of diaryland diaries and halfway listend to television in the background.

saturday morning the hubby and i sat on the front porch balcony and talked for awhile. it was nice to just sit out there the two of us with no tv or computers to interrupt and just enjoy spending time together...plus it was a gorgeous morning! the hubby has an old sportscar that he keeps under a car cover because his goal is to completely restore it. he decided to take the cover off and look at it to see how it made it through the winter. he lifted the hood and then yelled in the house at me "call kitten (my friend and neighbor who has a lot of cats! hence the nickname kitten) and see if she is missing a cat!"....i peek out the door and he tells me it looks like a cat has made a nest under the hood of his car and he's not sure if it's alive or not.

i call kitten and ask her if any of her cats are missing...she says she doesn't think so but she'll walk over to see the cat. i go sit on the porch to wait for her and to see what hubby is up to. i don't want to go close to the car because i know it'll upset me if the cat is indeed dead. all of a sudden hubby jumps and bolts away from the car! he yells "jesus f'in christ" as he is backing away very quickly i might add!

i jump up and start down the front the steps to see what is wrong and hubby is standing at the end of the driveway...he says "that is NOT a cat, it's a fuckin' possum and it's alive and pissed! the damn thing about gave me a heart attack!!"

i start laughing like crazy because it is so rare to see the hubby startled by anything. finally kitten arrives and i say "do you want the good news, or the bad news.........the good news is it isn't dead, the bad news is that it's a POSSUM and not a cat!!"

she starts laughing and asks the hubby why he can't tell the difference between a cat and a possum. the hubby defends himself saying all he could see was it's little grey paws. kitten and the hubby decided they want a closer look at this thing and i am not interested! i go back inside and go on the front balcony where i can watch the goings on but am out of the way of any perhaps rabid possum teeth!!

they totally uncover this possum and it's just laying in there curled up in old rags or something of which he has made his nest. i'm yelling over the balcony "is he playing possum! what's he doing"? then i look closer and see his little eyes blinking open and closed and his NOT so little mouth and teeth opening too! i'm yelling at the hubby and kitten to get away from it because what if it has rabies. kitten decides she wants to touch it! she's crazy i'm thinking. suddenly the possum gets up and slowly climbs out of the hood area and hides under the car. as far as i know that is where he is now! so that was our exciting saturday afternoon! aren't you sorry you missed it!

after the possum predicament i decide to go lay down for a short nap as we were going to a party that night and i hadn't slept well friday night. my puppies and i curl up on the couch for a lovely afternoon nap. all too soon the hubby is telling me i have to get up and showered so we can go. i'm grumpily getting ready but don't really want to go out. i'm such a homebody it's hard to get me out of the house! the hubby says "c'mon you need to get out..you never go anywhere....besides a need a designated driver!".

our friend just moved into a new house and is having a housewarming party. another one of our close friends is supposed to be coming with his new girlfriend withwhom he has become quite hot and heavy!! probably the main reason i went (other than playing chauffeur) is that i am dying to meet guinness' (hey he's irish and loves beer, hence the nickname...hmmm, i'm thinking i need to do a cast page soon!) new girlfriend. i am so hoping i like her because nothing is worse than when a close friend is dating someone you hate!

we get to the party and guinness is already there and has lily with him. i give her the once over and decides she's cute, not over dressed and has a great smile! the hubby and i go greet the party host and then go off to sit with guinness and lily. it doesn't take me too long to see that lily has a wicked sense of humour and that she and guinness seem really happy together! yay! i'm so happy for him, he's such an awesome guy and deserves someone great!

the party was fun...sitting outside around a firepit...jut laughing and hanging out. the hubby is by this time feeling no pain and i've discovered the chocolate cupcakes so am in my own little chocolate bliss state. the party ends with no one puking in the bushes or getting injured (i guess we really are growing up!!) and the hubby and i decide we're still awake enough to watch a movie.

we decide to watch "flight plan" as i've been begging the hubby for a week to watch it with me. i have to say i was pretty disappointed in it. it starts out very very slowly and while the plot is decent it isn't very plausible and it just seems to drag in spots. but it was worth a netflix.

all in all we had a good saturday and go to bed contented for a snuggle. today hubby is off playing golf with his buddies and i'm sitting here on the couch deciding what to get into. we took a bunch of pictures of my new jewelry creations earlier, i'll post some pics later after they are cropped. so i'm thinking of just kicking back and either reading or watching a movie. i'm tired from going out yesterday and just feeling like being a couch potato!

take care ~zen 4 little birdies chirped

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