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book reviews time again!

it's that time again....book reviews!

"The Ivy Chronicles" by Karen Quinn
this a novel about the behind the scenes insanity of the uber rich getting their children into the "right" kindergarden. after losing her high powered corporate job and her husband, ivy stein goes into business for herself as a consultant to wealthy parents who will do anything to get their children into the right ivy league kindergarden. the book is wickedly funny and amazingly true to life i'd bet. i had trouble relating to the main character at first because her values seemed as screwey as those of her clients. of course the heroine had to become more likeable or the book would have never worked. it's one of those read it on the beach or the airplane type of books. funny, lighthearted and an easy read.

"No Place Like Home" by Mary Higgins Clark
i decided i needed something a little different for my next novel and went with a mystery from an old favorite of mine MHC. the story begins when 10 year old liza barton kills her mother and injures her stepfather and in her small town becomes known as lizzie borden. she is adopted by distant cousins and wisked away to california where she is raised as cecelia kellogg. the past comes back to haunt her when her hubby buys her a house as a surprise birthday present. when she arrives at the house she realizes that he purchased "the lizzie borden" house in which she had killed her mother. her hubby has no knowledge of her past. but someone in the town does and went people start ending up dead, it appears liza's/cecelia's secret will come out. it's a good mystery, easy fast read. i think you'll enjoy it.

"A Little Change of Face" by Lauren Baratz-Logsted
kind of a backwards pygmalion...scarlett is the type of woman to whom everything has come easy, jobs, men, etc. and when her supposed best friend confronts her on the fact that she is just appreciated for her looks and not her intelligence or abilities, she dares scarlett to a challenge. scarlett agrees to the challenge and turns herself into an ugly duckling, so she can prove to herself and her friends that she is more than just her looks. you'll have to read the book to find out! it's a cute book, pure book candy as LA would say and some parts of it i found unfathomable and annoying...but i enjoyed the characters and i'd recommend it to someone wanting just a light fast read.

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