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eyeglass chains and metrosexuals!

good eyes LA! i never put the square beads or the swarovski crystals where the chain will hit the neck. even the swarovski crystals can be itchy if they are touching the next so i also make any odd shaped bead or crystal start lower down.

the eyeglass chain was a custom order from a guy friend of mine...i thought the dark colors and square beads helped give it a bit of a masculine touch...even tho his friends of teased him mercilessly about wanting an eyeglass chain! he just tells them he;s one step ahead of the metrosexual curve and they'll all be following his fashion sense some days! LOL...he's a riot!

i have a custom order bracelet and pair of earrings i need to work on next as well as two more eyeglass chains (for the girls this time!)so i think they'll be easier for me. so i plan on spending some heavy beading time today. the hubby is working on my website every evening after work so hopefully it'll be done soon and you guys can give me your input on it!!


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