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a mundane saturday

so here it is, the promised later entry...had an uneventful saturday. the hubby decided he wanted to go to mcfattylands for breakfast...ugh...but i went along and i swear i can feel the fat oozing from behind the counter just looking for any open orifice into which to insinuate itself. i decide to get a yogurt parfait which was actually pretty delish! my most humble apologies to mcfattylands.

after breakfast we have the unfortunate need to stop at wallyworld. now, i have been to some really nice wallyworlds but the ones here in my town are awful! dirty, smelly, run down and overflowing with children running around with no parental supervision! parents, this is not the 1950's...this is not at tiny little town...please keep an eye on your children! i did however find a great bird feeder for my front yard and a gigundo 50 pound bag of seeds for it. yay, that the hubby was there to "lift that bale...etc." i will now have two bird feeders in the tree overhanging my front porch balcony from where i watch the sparrows, finches, wrens and woodpeckers eat, play and frolic! i love mornings when they are all out there singing in the day with great abandon, while inside the aviary my four parrots join them in lovely chorus! what a great wake up call! i also find a couple of bird toys for hawk and thea. (the littles, zoey and tucker have so many toys i keep some in drawers and then switch them out to keep their interest).

i bought hawk and thea each one of these tangletoys...they love them! the pull apart each individual pieces which they then toss around so i have to rummage all over to get the pieces and put them back toegther...the whole time the fids aer prancing and cheeping for me to give them their toys back! so here's the toy:

the next setp on our lovely morning (70 degrees and sunny...covertible top down!)...was thelibrary. i had a couple of books on hold so got those plus an additional seven books...yes i DO plan on doing a lot of reading this week! once i have a few read, i will post book reviews!

so back home to take a pain pill and lie down for a few...also a chance to peruse diaryland and email again....then the hubby bobs back in and says he needs oil for the car...do i want to go with him and we can go out for lunch and stop at the craft store. *sniff sniff...anyone else smell a bribe*. but i gladly got back in the car with him...we lowered the top and were on our way! went to two different craft stores and while one purchase eluded me at both places i was able to pick up several things i needed for jewelry projects.

we decide to go to "jersey mikes" for subs as we want something quick and not a big hot meal. i like going there because they cut the meat for you and they'll shave the turkey as slin as i like. add some lettuce, tomoatoes, yellow banana peppers and we're good to go. i bought just the mini sub so i didn't get too full and get that uncomfortable feeling like "I HAVE TO PUKE!" and i skipped the mayo and chips...go ME!

i told the hubby i really needed to stop in at krogers as we were OUT of dishwasher detergent and I was not planning on hand washing dishes and if he didn't want to go commando to work all next week i needed laundry detergent too. the hubby hates krogers on a saturday afternoon, in particular a saturday before i religious holiday in this predominantly catholic town, of which we are a minority - me pagan and the hubby agnostic.

so anyway i agreed to go into kroger's and pick up some things while hubby waited outside in the car. i was able to get through fairly quickly replenishing my vices, diet sunkist, nerds, smokes. i was now happy and ready for home!

all this running around had my back/hips/legs screaming and cursing at me so i was able to calm down the insanity by taking my pain meds and got some much needed rest. tomorrow is early enough to start laundry. my body has just informed me that i have to STOP.

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