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i love and i hate...

i love thunderstorms.

i hate mirrors at night.

i love nerd ropes.

i hate getting up in the middle of the night to pee.

i love a cold room at night and a warm hubby to snuggle up to.

i hate talking on the phone.

i love getting a new book.

i hate humidity.

i love a brand new box of 64 count crayolas...mmm, smell!

i hate taking the written driver's test.

i love diet sunkist - orange bliss in a bottle.

i hate waiting on a phone call from the doctor.

i love the smell of warm parrot feathers when i give my fid kisses on her little tummy.

i hate white walls.

i love twilight.

i hate running out of my three main vices...diet sunkist, nerds and chewy sprees.

i love making lists and posting ad nauseum in this diary!

~love and kisses, zen! 0 little birdies chirped

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