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well last night was my wednesday night date with guy to watch the american idol shows....this week was queen and i was quite prepared to not like the pop star wannabes crucifying the silver throated freddie mercury. i think it is good to not expect much because again i was pleasantly surprised by some of the contestants! kelly singing "bohemian rhapsody" was not bad at all! and katharine mcfee was as lovely as ever...and um yeah she sings too! but she wouldn't have to sing to have my attention! that woman is H O T! guy and i drool over her every week. i have offered to share her with him if i could...but of course he'd have to take sloppy seconds! *grin* but taylor just annoys the hell out of me. so many of my friends are just totally enamored of him but i can't get past his goofy dancing and looking like he needs to take a shit! feed the man some fiber people! i still love chris' voice, it's very distinctive and i see him as having a successful career in the future!

so now that i have completely bored you with my american idol synopsis on to other topics. first a surgery update...spoke to the doctor's office and it turns out it is the insurance company holding everything up. surprise? i think not. i'm trying to be patient, and if you knew me at all you'd know how difficult this is! i'm like violet in willy wonka "i want it nowwwww"! waiting is not one of my virtues!

the hubby is still stressed over bills and went off on me last night for spending 11.99 on a three month gold membership for diaryland...but i had to post pictures! doesn't he understand the absolute necessity of sharing pictures of my lovely fids with you my readers. i like to tell myself that there are so many of you out there! *smile* he told me to get my money back, and never spend money behind his back again...with a few choice fucks and bitches thrown in there for emphasis. i was so proud of myself for saying NO...that it was something important to me and i was keeping it. i remained totally calm and stuck to my guns! GO ME! i really think i'm growing up! except i refuse to grow up..this little peter pan girl will not grow up! but i am learning to stand up for myself! this is a good thing!

i got another jewelry order yesterday! yay! i've got to start making more money doing this. i have to get myself better organized with making more pieces and actually getting pictures taken of them. that's the hardest part for me, taking the pictures and getting them posted where people can actually buy them! i have so much time on my hands right now so NO EXCUSES!

guess what? i'm cooking today! the hubby will actually arrive home to the aroma of food cooking in this house! this is quite the rarity for me as i detest cooking...except for homemade soup i love making soups! right now i have a huge pot of vegetable soup simmering on the stove. it has everything in it...tomatoes, corn, peas, green beans, carrots, water chestnuts, kidney beans, whole wheat rotini noodles...mmmmmm, i think that is all. and it smells heavenly! can't wait for dinner!

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