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99 things you are dying to know about me...

99 things you are dying to know about me:

1. i am a mom, a wife, a jewelry designer, an internet addict.

2. i've had some form of an eating disorder for over 25 years. i am currently in semi-recovery.

3. i like brussel sprouts and lima beans.

4. i have lived in six different states.

5. i have been married twice.

6. i dropped out of college twice.

7. i adore my parrots and treat them as if they're my babies...they are!!

8. i hate to cook and avoid it if at all possible.

9. i love books, can read many in one weekend and i won't loan out my books because i'm afraid i won't get them back.

10. my mother is my best friend and the person i admire the most in the world. i am terrifed of losing her.

11. i love pens and the hubby calls me a sharpie whore. i have boxes of them in all different colors.

12. i absolutely hate clowns.

13. i have a tattoo of a dolphin on the inside of my left ankle and want another one on my right arm of my nanday conure, thea so i can have her with me all the time.

14. i have my ears pierced many times, did it about twenty years ago when it was considered extremely punk. i wear only tiny sterling hoops in each hole. i used to have my nose pierced but the birds kept trying to pull it out so i let i grow over. i did the piercings myself.

15. i love tinkerbell.

16. i am pagan, i am a witch, i adore my matron goddess hecate.

17. i am bi-sexual.

18. i would like a girl friend to come live with me and the hubby so i can have them both. the hubby is such a loner and so unsociable, a girlfriend would be such great company and i miss having sex with women.

19. i have a genetic blood clotting disorder which has led to many health problems.

20. i didn't pass on the mutated gene to my daughter for which i am eternally grateful.

21. i love television and am always tivo'ing two shows at once.

22. i cannot sleep without a fan going because of my tinnitus.

23. i am afraid of the dark and especially mirrors in the dark.

24. i failed my written driver's test twice, panicked when trying to learn to drive and didn't get my license until i was 27. now i am a really good driver.

25. i am always cutting my own hair.

26. i want to be cremated when i die and my ashes to be scattered in the ocean along with the ashes of any of my animals that have died before me.

27. i am an awful procastinator.

28. i wear glasses and i love them. if i could afford different glasses for every day of the week, i'd do it.

29. i have two younger brothers who have grown up to be wonderful men and fathers. i wish i could see them more.

30. my father is an alcoholic and i have forgiven him and made peace with a difficult time we had when i was young and his drinking was so bad. we get along really well now. he and my mother are still together, married over 40 yeras.

31. i recently started smoking again after not smoking for 19 years. it soothes me and i love the whole routine of it. i know i should quit soon though.

32. i love candy..fat free type candy like sprees and nerds and red swedish fish. i buy it in bulk at sam's club. luckily it never makes me gain weight.

33. i can eat the same meal for lunch and dinner every day for weeks on end.

34. i am addicted to diet sunkist!

35. i have two dogs, ages 9 and 11 and i am so afraid of their deaths. i am afraid of the pain and loss i will feel and i know i don't handle things like that well. i love them so much.

36. my hubby says i am way too over emotional. i know that i am.

37. i am an empath and have not learned to shield myself from other people's strong emotions. it can be exhausting at times.

38. when i was in second grade i stole two crayons from my neighbor's house...the colors were magenta and turquoise. i felt so guilty, i couldn't use them to color and returned them the next day.

39. i was in the marching band in high school and i loved it. band geeks rule!

40. my favorite tv show ever was "buffy the vampire slayer" and my favorite character was willow, the lesbian witch!

41. i hate to talk on the telephone but i do love instant messaging and email.

42. i love anything about faeries and faery magick..amy brown and brian froud are two of my fave faery artists.

43. i miss doing yoga, i never felt better than when i was doing yoga every day. when my back surgery is done i hope to be able to do it again.

44. my daughter is away at college, i miss her being a part of my daily life.

45. i loved the years i was a single mom and actually found it much easier than being married to her father, from whom i'm now divorced.

46. writing this list is harder than i thought it would be!

47. one of my dreams is to someday swim with the dolphins.

48. i love water and am a PADI certified SCUBA diver.

49. no matter how bad of a day i am having my parrots always me smile!

50. i am extremely beyond frustrated with my insurance company right now!

51. my favorite books growing up were the "anne of green gables" books by lucy maud montgomery. i still get them out every few years and read them all again.

52. i also liked the book "rebecca of sunny brook farm" although i lost my copy during a move many years ago.

53. i love wind! i find it so energizing!

54. i like animals better than people.

55. i used to have a snake and a hedgehog.

56. i currently have two dogs, two iguanas, four parrots and fish.

57. i let my parrots eat off my plate while i am eating. i will let them stand on the edge of a bowl and eat from my food. they are my fids!

58. i don't always wear my wedding ring. the hubby never wears his.

59. one of my favorite things to do is cut pictures out of magazines and make collages.

60. i am scared that the happiest part of my life is behind me.

61. i don't know what it is like to feel calm and at peace. my mind is always racing and worrying about something. i want to learn to be more content in the moment.

62. i have to take prescription pills in order to sleep. i have had chronic insomnia for years. sometimes they give me wild dreams!

63. i often dream i can fly.

64. i take antidepressants for a chemical imbalance. i believe they save my life every day.

65. my daughter is brilliant, she skipped her junior and senior years of high school and went to college early. she is now 19 and a junior in college.

66. i am so proud of her. i miss her so much.

67. i am terrified of wasps. and W.A.S.P.'s *smile*

68. i was raised methodist.

69. is this an invitation?

70. i have a habit of correcting people's grammar. i have found that not all people appreciating me doing so.

71. my husband generally treats me like a child. when i don't let him, he gets angry. i am learning to stand up for myself.

72. it isn't easy to change a long-standing pattern but each time i do it i feel i grow up a bit more.

73. this used to be my favorite number because it was always my goal weight. when i was a senior in high school i got down to 72 pounds (severely anorexic at the time) and ended up in the hospital receiving hyperalimentation.

74. i hate even numbers and will use odd numbers any time there is a choice.

75. i listen primarily to female musicians, alanis morrisette, fiona apple, jill sobule, ani defranco, liz phair, indigo girls, natalie merchant...

76. i read primarily female authors.

77. i always hated ghost stories and horror movies as a kid...i'm just now at the point where i can enjoy a good horror movie...but afterwards i have to turn on all the lights and read or watch something funny to get the mood to change!

78. i am way too gullible. i hate that about myself.

79. i don't like to hurt other people's feelings, even if they have been mean to me.

80. i think because i get my feelings hurt so easily.

81. i like silver better than gold.

82. i always thought i'd be a writer. but i don't have the drive or the passion to write every day. i procrastinate too much.

83. i like degrassi junior high.

84. i hate to eat meat. i can't stop thinking about the animal it came from. i will eat turkey once in awhile because i have chronic anemia problems and hate getting iron chemotherapy. but i feel guilty for eating it.

85. i feel guilty about so many things. guilt has ruled my life in so many ways since i was young. i am actually getting better about this though as i get older.

86. i am learning to forgive myself.

87. i love art. i am jealous sometimes of their talent. i try to draw and paint but can't seem to get onto paper what i see in my head.

88. i love designing jewelry, but when i do custom pieces i'm always afraid the person won't like it even though people have loved every piece they have bought from me.

89. i am lonely most of the time.

90. i like to go to shopping centers and people watch.

91. i can strike up a conversation with a complete stranger at any time and any place.

92. i am very friendly and i am a good friend.

93. this list has taken me two days write.

94. i am 5'3" and am at a semi-recovery weight of 117 pounds. my doctors tell me this is perfect for me. they don't want me to lose any weight. i still do.

95. i have chin length brunette hair that i just cut to this length, i have green eyes and olive skin. i am petite and have very small wrists. i have bigger legs, i call them german peasant legs. they used to be very muscular and super strong. everyone tells me i am thin. i disagree.

96. i am german on my father's side and scotch-irish on my mother's side.

97. i used to dye my hair burgundy red all the time. one time i bleached it and then dyed it bright blue!

98. even tho i am 41 years old, i am not grey at all.

99. this is one of my favorite numbers! it's a strong powerful number to me! hey..i'm done! *grin*

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