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american idol, surgery and my fids

my friend guy came over last night for our weekly american idol "date". i was pleasantly not horrified by country night! i suppose because i had such low expectations of the idol wannabes singing country i was surprised to find that i enjoyed much of it. but what happened to kenny rogers? when did he turn into merv griffin?? i had tivo'ed the episode and kept going back to his original pics then back to the current kenny trying to find any resemblence to the real kenny rogers. how very disturbing!

after guy left, hubby and i watched "bones"...i just love that show. terrance is such a strong intelligent woman and such fun to watch the interaction between her and boothe! and i do like seeing david boreanz again...i still miss "angel"! hubby and i actually went to bed at the same time and had a nice shag! lol...don't want to give too much embarrassing details but it was quite lovely!

so this morning i am perusing diaryland entries and watching a bit of television that i have tivo'ed. i have so much i really need to get done in case the surgery is very soon. i know i'll have a six week recovery period and don't want to leave too much for hubby to have to deal with other than the basics. he's been so good about helping. i want to keep it that way! *smile* i plan on getting the spare room totally ready in case his folks to decide to come out at the last minute (which they have been known to do)...that way hubby won't have to worry about changing the sheets and all. also, want the laundry caught up and i'm cleaning out the fridge and freezer.

i'm so afraid to get my hopes up that they really will call tomorrow with my surgery date. they've disappointed me too many times in the past three months. it's hard not to be excited to get this spinal cord stim fixed and done...but i'm trying to remain realistic and realize it is possible that the phone will not ring tomorrow! i also have several jewelry items that i need to make. that is something i can work on after the surgery pretty easily tho as well. but i have two pieces i'd like to get done and shipped out beforehand.

spring is finally arriving in the midwest! the first blush of green has now turned to full leaves on the trees! my bird feeder in the front yard is always full of wrens, finches, chickadees and cardinals...i love it! my parrots sit in the window and chirp and sqawk at the birdies outside! it's so cute! but my dear parrots would not enjoy a life outside! they are too spoiled by their toys and their loving and snuggling and hot showers! *smile* what little babes they are! i never realized until i had birds what an absolutely wonderful personality they have. they are all four so different and individual...but all so loving and joyous! what a life!

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