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red peeps are just wrong!

Okay, we now take a break from the normal postings of my animals and myriad of medical problems to talk about..........candy. Yes, you heard me candy. Specifically peeps...those deletable delicious gobs of marshmallow yumminess that are now available for every holiday. The easter peeps are of course the most popular since they started the whole sugary craze. I just love these things...especially after a week of sitting opened on my kitchen counter. the longer they sit the firmer they get. Yummy.

My problem is the colors of peeps now. I was fine with the pink and the purple and even the blue was acceptable. But when i saw RED chicks and bunnies this weekend at target I was horrified. they just looked creepy and WRONG!

I don't think I can insert a picture here because I haven't yet purchased a GOLD membership. I wanted to wait and make sure i would keep up with this diary. I purchased a GOLD membership a couple of years ago and then only wrote a couple of entries....so I'm waiting this time.

~Zen - waiting for her yellow and pink peeps to dry out! 0 little birdies chirped

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