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haven't written much lately...but nothing much has changed. still have this bad pain in my left side, which has me pretty much couch bound. hate it! i went to dr.w. on tuesday and he said it could be the kidney itself or it could be clots in my renal vein again. that's what it feels like to me. i am scheduled for a CAT scan next week so hopefully it will determine what is wrong. i'm hoping it is just blood clots again. i'm familiar with those! *smile* and as long as they are below the vena cava, i don't have to worry about them going to my heart or lungs because my vena cava is totally plicated. had too many clots in my past, so they plicated the vena cava. so that's what is going on medically!

weather is getting much better and i love that. even though i am not really getting out except to doctor's appointments. my animals seem to have spring fever! the dogs want to go out more and more often. they just love to go stretch out in the sun and let it beat down on them! i don't blame them! perhaps i can move my couch out there! *smile*

the birds are all even getting spring fever! the two little green cheeks are getting sexually active! it's the funniest thing ever. they just go at it...doesn't matter who is in the room! they are from the same clutch and only three years old...our bird groomer says it'd be unlikely for them to have fertile eggs. if z. does lay an egg, i'll have to look into how to handle it. you can't just take the egg away i know....even though it's unlikely to be a fertilized egg. so, we'll see what happens.

my nanday is just chirpier and more active! today she keeps wanting to get down off the top of her cage and run around on the floor! i keep having to pick her up and put her back. she knows she shouldn't be running all over the floor because when she sees me get up, she tries to run and hide! her tiny little feet just scamper across the floor!

hubby's amazon has been whistling and singing so much more lately as well. spring singing! he just loves music so much! he'll dance and whistle and pouf out all his tail feathers! just love all my birdies so much!

food is going so/so for me. with the pain in my side i'm not really wanting to eat much. seems to hurt more if there is food in my stomach so i've been eating lightly. i'm so ready to get these health issues taken care of. so frustrating!

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