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It's Friday! Doesn't mean so much now that I'm not working. It'll be nice to have hubby around this weekend though. I think we're going out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary this weekend. Monday is our official anniversary - 11 years! WOW! In some ways the years have flown by and in other ways I feel like I've been with J forever. It's been a long hard road and I'm so thankful that we've come out as both friends and lovers. I do love him so much and I'm so thankful that he's stood by me over the past decade. I've not been the easiest most supportive wife in many ways. I've always loved him though, and he knows that. So many times, my eating disorder and depression just took front row in my life. I am doing better now and trying so hard to keep things manageable. I so want to be thinner though! Grrrr! But I'm determined to not sacrifice my health or my marriage this time. I've lost so much to this damn disease. I'm done giving so much away to it.

I'm still having such a hard time not working! I'm so unmotivated! I've got to get my butt in gear and get some housework and laundry and such done. And I should be cranking out so much jewelry! I go to the doctor on Monday so hopefully they can tell me when the surgery will be. Keep your fingers crossed for me! XXX

Spring keeps peeking through the winter blahs...just enough to tease us. A warm breath of wind, a hint of sun...then the winter cold comes back! But next week should be up in the sixties...I know that will help my depression! Flowers are beginning to emerge from the earth and I love this time of year! The smell, the feel, everything coming alive!

As you can tell, nothing much going on here as usual. My goal for the day is to run the dishwasher, get at least two loads of laundry done, create two jewelry pieces, return my emails and feed the animals. It's a workable plan, I just have to get my butt off the couch!!

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